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"Gir I am home!" Zim called, shutting the door to his base behind him.
A Squeal came from the couch and before Zim could do anything Gir came flying at him with Taco pieces on his face. He hugged him fiercely and didn't give notice to the bag Zim currently held.
With an "Oof," Zim heaved back when Gir hit him, but made no move to stop him or get free of the hug that was killing his squeedily spooch.  After a second he tried to struggle free, but he knew it was a losing battle and gave into the hug. Before he would never have even thought of hugging anybody, much less Gir, but thoughts of the approaching mission had made him somewhat soft on the little creature. And Dib… And Gaz.
The tunes from the TV played the Bloaty's Pizza Hog song. After a moment of hugging the robot, Zim grew impatient. He had gone by Crazy Taco and got something for Gir. Something that hasn't even came out yet, and wouldn't for another 3 months; the time of which Zim would be long gone.
He had to steal the little treats, but it was worth it. "Gir?" Zim said softly, only a light "Hmm?" replied. "Gir, I have something for you, but you have to let go of me and turn of that terrible TV first.
That got a Squee out of Gir and he promptly let go to turn off the TV. "What is it, Master?!"
Zim went into the kitchen and set the three boxes on the table. Gir quickly fallowed, very interested in what Zim had to show him. He jumped up onto the table where the boxes where set. Despite everything, Gir still had trouble reading words in the human language, that he has never seen a million times.
He could only make out the Taco part of the boxes, but no more. "Whatsit say?"
"This one, Gir," Zim said pointed to the first box, "this box contains a food called Chaco Taco. This one, Strawbo Taco.  And this one here," he pointed to the last one, "this one, my faithful robot, is a Vinallo Taco. These are the newest additions to the Crazy Taco family, but they aren't out yet and I had to steal them for you."
Gir absorbed this information and let out a happy, piercing squeal and hugged Zim once more twice as hard and twice as painful.
Zim let out an "Oof!" when Gir hugged him.
"Thanks, Master!! I loves you soooo much!" Gir Squealed once more, letting go of the totally crushed Zim.
"Yes, yes. I know. Now eat your Tacos filled with icy-cream!" Zim started to walk off as Gir started to rip the boxes open. Suddenly he remembered Gaz. "Oh and Gaz says 'hi'."
That had Gir stop and smile. "Aww, I knew she loveded me! Well Ima just haveta go sees her tomorrow!"
Zim could have sworn he saw a small hint of a blush on the smooth, metallic surface where Gir's cheeks are, even though they are covered in chocolate and Ice cream. Zim shakes his head. He knows that robots don't get blushes of any sort. Right? Who knows when you're dealing with Gir?
"Ok, whatever, Gir." Zim looks at the clock; 11:48. The theft took longer than expected. He doesn't need to sleep for as long or as much as humans because Irken's PAK collects the energy from the little sleep they sleep and make it expands. Irkens use less sleep energy than humans do, but their PAK's do need to be recharged once a week and they do need at least 12 hours of sleep every five days.
Zim has been so worked up lately about the mission, that he has neglected both sleep and food. Irkens need food too. Snacks, really, but food none the less.  Irkens need a good dose of food every three days; the equivalent of three big, human meals every three days.
Despite all of the food on Earth that will severely hurt, or kill, Zim, he has discovered some food that won't. Anything that has sugar or is sweet will do, as long as it doesn't have water of any kind in it. He tried Ice cream once when he heard his skool mates talking about how sweet it is, but it ended badly.  There is still a scar on his lip from it dribbling down his chin after he pasted out from extreme pain. Dib, for an unknown reason, cleaned him up and got him home safely without Zim ever finding out.
Zim walked to the refrigerator and got out a large bottle of chocolate syrup, and went to a cabinet next to him and brought out an over-sized bowl and a huge bag of unpoped popcorn. He put the bag into the microwave and set it to the correct settings for proper popping, being careful to not over set it; he didn't want a replay of the explosion that happened last month.
He brought the bowl to a counter, out of reach of the flying Ice cream Tacos coming from the table, where Gir still stood, happily munching into his special treat. He grabbed the chocolate and squirted it into the bowl until it was one fourth full then waited.
When the microwave went off he grabbed the popcorn and proceeded to pour it into the chocolate-filled bowl. He licked his lips at the sight and smell of his unfinished masterpiece. When the popcorn was all in the bowl, he started to pour more chocolate into the bowl, over the popcorn.  When he was done he put the bottle back into the refrigerator and went into the living room to eat.
He sat on the couch and pulled off his wig, and took off his contacts. After chunking them aside, he engulfed himself in the Chaco Popcorn.
Upon finishing, he brought the bowl into the kitchen and threw it into the sink. Since he can't touch water, Gir has to do the cleaning, but Gir doesn't mind. Zim walked to the toilet and stepped into it. "Gir I am going to sleep in my head quarters, when you finish the ice cream clean up and shut down for the night." He got a muffled "Mmm, hmmm," from Gir, but nothing more, so he flushed himself down to his quarters.
His room has lime green walls, like his skin and red carpet, like his eyes. His bed and sheets vary from different shades of pink, red and green. The converter has the Irken symbol in black on it. Across from the bed was a red and pink dresser that held all of his clothes. Above the dresser is a large mirror.
He walked over to the mirror and studied himself. He didn't look as bad as he felt, or as bad as The Tallest. He looked slightly aged, dark green bags under his eyes, maturity showing ever more than it ever has. His once bright, childish eyes are now dull and old. Irk revolves around it's sun 8 times faster than Earth goes around it's sun so he is 96 in Irken years, but is only 12 in earth years. He is very young for a deadly mission like the one he is assigned to go on when summer starts; only a few weeks away. All Irkens are considered Smeets until Irken age of 64, or the Earth age of 8, they train for as long as they need to until the Earth age of 20; if they aren't able to do their job by then they will be trialed by the control brain for their sentence. Most get out of training 4-6 years after starting, some stay for extra training, but most don't. From the time that a smeet is 'born' until it is 8 they stay in a family unit.
Zim remembers his family unit. Why can't Dax do it? He questions himself, I know he can't because of his job, but why me? I know that t; Why can't the girls not be so stubborn? They learned it from me of course, but still. They should trust others. I love my girls of course, but this will be extremely hard to do. If only I wasn't the only one to do this…
Zim looked at himself for awhile, thinking about all the ways he could fail, the ways the mission could go wrong and what might happen to Gir, Gaz, the girls, Dax, The Tallest and the others on Irk that depend on him even though they have no idea. But mostly he wonders what might happen to Dib.
After awhile he looked worse than before and decided to sleep. He grabbed his night clothes from the drawer and slipped them on putting the dirty invader clothes in the hamper that sucks the clothes upstairs for Gir to clean. He slinked to bed and fell instantly to sleep.
Yay It's finally done!!! This one is mainly Zim POV though. Hope you like it! I have already started on the Fifth chapter!!!

First chapter --> [link]
3rd chapter --> [link]
5th chapter --> [link]

Zim, Dib, Gaz, Gir and PM go to Jhonen Vasquez
Chaco Tacos go to Taco bueno and Klondike
Strawbo Tacos and Vanillo Taco go to me.
(BTW I made Strawbo Tacos and Vanillo Tacos out of thin air to I credit me for those to, but The Chaco Tacos gave me the idea and I dunno if there is such thing as Strawbo or vanillo Tacos or not, so don't kill me if they aren't mine. Just tell me and I'll give credit to who ever the mastermmind is!)
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