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It was a few minute after Zim and Dib left and Gaz was sure they were gone. Gir was still latched onto her stomach and she just looked at him lovingly.
"Gazzems? Do you want a Chaco Taco?!" Gir looked up at her.
Gaz had heard a lot about Chaco Tacos from Zim, but she'd never tasted one. "OK."
Gir got all excited and let go of Gaz. He leapt up and opened his head. He grabbed out two Chaco Tacos and handed one to her. Then he sat down and started to eat his. Gaz looked at hers with slight curiosity and took a bite. It was chocolaty, with a nut-creamy texture to it. The waffle shell was tough, but easy to chomp through. She sighed with delight and took another bite.
They ate in silence. When they were finished Gaz went to the tent door and looked back. "Do you want to come?" She asked.
"Yes!" Gir leapt up and ran to her. He hugged her and it almost knocked her down. "Were is we goin'?" he asked.
"To the small creek laky thing to wash up."
"Oh! Sounds fun!" They walked together to the small lake, when they got there they stopped.
"Can you be in water?"
"Yes! I get dunked in it aaallll the time! Don't hurt me one bit!" Gir screeched and jumped into the water.
Gaz rolled her eyes. She took a step back, as she knew Gir was waiting for her to jump in, so she took a running start and canon balled in. "Woo hoo!" She laughed and slashed Gir. He slashed her back and they played in the water for awhile.
Soon the water became cold and they had to get out or freeze. Gaz stepped out and shivered violently. Gir opened his head and gave her a black towel.
"Where did you get that?" She asked taking the towel, she sworn she'd left in the tent by mistake.
"I got it before we left."
"Oh, ok." She dried herself off and they started walking back to the tent. About halfway there Gaz noticed Gir was shivering; really bad. He was obviously cold, but he didn't say anything to Gaz. She stopped and so did Gir. She motioned for him to come to her and he did as he was told. She took the towel and began wiping away the water that was still left on Gir's metallic body. She accidently touched his head with her hand and a cold chill went up her arm. She pulled back; she didn't know how cold he was.
Soon the shivering stopped. And she wrapped the towel around Gir's small body and picked him up. She held him close and began walking again. "Thank you, Gazzey," Gir snuggled into Gaz's neck. He was still frightfully cold, but she didn't pull away.
When they were closer to the tent, a raging wind came around, howling like the devil. In the distance they heard a piercing wolf howl and Gir snuggled closer into Gaz's neck. Gaz held Gir closer and ran back to the tent.
When they were safely in the tent Gaz set Gir down and he went to put the towel where it would dry. Gaz went over to her things and put on her new black, sleeping gown. She went and snuggled into her sleeping bag. Gir put on his Dog suit and came over to Gaz. He snuggled into her lap and asked, "Are you going to miss Master when he's gone?"
Gaz began to pet Gir softly on the head. Gir snuggled ever more into Gaz's stomach and looked up at her. "Yes, in a weird way, I will miss Zim."
"I want to go with him."
"You're not going?"
"No. I have to watch the base while he's gone."
"Oh. What is his mission all about anyway?"
"He's gotta save the Girls. He loves them so much! I love them to, but I've never met 'em. Zim's told me lots of stories about thems before," Gir yawned. "The Tallest told him he has to dress up like Dax; his big brother. The Girls don't know Zims alive so he has to make sure they won't know. Dax can't do it 'cause he's an important pilot and he's fighting right now." Gir yawns again. "He doesn't know how long it'll take, but he's leaving when summer starts."
That took Gaz by surprise. Zim had told her he was to go on an important mission, but he said it wouldn't take long and he wasn't sure when he'd leave. "Who are these Girls? Are they his mates or something?"
"No they… are…" yawn again, "Are… his…" Gir fell asleep. Gaz didn't have the heart to wake him up so she just sat there petting him.
About 15 minutes later, there was another wolf howl and a couple of boys screaming. So Gaz pretended to be asleep.
And waited for Zim to come…
This is the 8th chapter and I still can't spell worth crack. Hope you liek it!

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