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Zim couldn't wait to go to this… sleepover. Exciting! He had told Gir he was coming, and Gir jumped with glee.
Dib had given a note to Zim listing everything that he needed to bring to the sleepover, after skool.
1. Sleeping bag.
2. Radio
3. Night goggles
4. Garlic
5. Stake
6. Silver bullet
7. Small sleeping bag for Gir
Zim had looked up before what a sleeping bag was and he now knew what it is used for. He had called the computer and told it to make two sleeping bags during skool.
Now, at home, he packed what was needed. He put the bullet, goggles, stake, and radio in his PAK. He put the Garlic in a bag and put it in his PAK. Then asked the computer where the sleeping bags were.
The computer dropped the two perfectly made sleeping bags. One was blue like Gir's eyes, with a black Irken symbol on the front and the other, the one for Zim, was red and had the Irken symbol on the front. Zim grabbed the bags and went to the elevator. He went down to his room and hurried and got a pair of his pajamas and stuffed them inside the sleeping bag. He rolled both of the sleeping bags up and latched the shut.
He went up to the living room to see Gir waiting by on the couch. "Hurry Master! We is gunna be late!" It was true. It was 7:55 and getting darker bye the moment. They were to meet Dib and Gaz in the woods at 8. The same place they had shared adventures before. Zim stuffed the sleeping bags in Gir's head and put on his disguise. Gir put on his dog suit and they both rushed out the door.

Dib and Gaz were waiting at the place in the woods were they were to meet Zim. The tent was already put up and Dib and Gaz's sleeping bags were already in there. The tent was massive; way bigger than any other tent.
Dib and Gaz had brought snacks, a portable TV, video games and system, movies, weapons and a big radio thingy that will boost the sound of a small radio. They brought CD's of music, Dib brought his guitar and Gaz brought her violin and viola; why she brought two different instruments, no one knew. Everything was out here and ready to be used.
They were still waiting for Zim and Gir. They should have been there 10 minutes ago. Gaz was nervous but Dib couldn't tell. She was scared that Gir might not come and Zim would mock her. She always has this fear.
A bush rustles nearby and right as Gaz turns to look she is tackled to the ground by a green fluffy Gir. She wants to laugh and hold him but she knows she can't near Dib. She'll have to wait. Gaz pushes Gir lightly off of her and looks around.
Dib and Zim were talking about the task ahead and decided to put everything into the tent. They all went in and started to put the things Zim and Gir brought into place.
"Whoa! This place is HUGE!" Zim admired the overly big tent. Gir nodded in agreement and took the sleeping bags out of his head, and held them out to Zim. Zim took them and asked, "Where do I put these?"
Dib pointed to two empty spots and Zim went to put them out. Dib just looked at Gir. He runs around in a circle rambling something about Chaco Tacos and soon jumped out of his dog suit. Dib nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a leathery, three-clawed hand touch his shoulder.
"Wow, you're jumpy today," Zim commented.
"You just freaked me out, that is all," replied Dib.
Zim rolled his contacted eyes and asked, "So is this ok?" He gestured to the perfectly aligned sleeping bags. Each side by side, the blue one a little bit smaller than the red one.
"Wow! Those are amazing!" He walked with Zim over to them and bent down. He felt the soft, cushiony feel of it and his eyes got big. "How did you make these?"
"The computer did. I gave the computer the design and told it what I wanted it made out of." Zim pulled a sketch pad out of his PAK and proceeded to show Dib the two sleeping bag drawings. They are a lot better than the drawing of the house he made when he first came to Earth.
"Wow, Zim. These are really good! How come you can draw so well?"
"I have lots of time now," Zim was referring to the time he's had recently, waiting for the mission to be planned out.
Dib wasn't quite sure what he meant, but he doesn't ask. "What are they made out of?"
"On Earth, you have a cloth called silk. Well on Irk we have a material that is closely related to silk. It comes from the Opka plant. It is much smoother and it releases a toxin that can ease and sooth any creature and put them in a deep comfortable sleep. It also gives them wonderful dreams… well most of the time. Unless they are really stressed or worried about something."
"Wow. Will you tell me some things about your planet some time, Zim? Please?' Dib pleaded.
"Yes, of course. I trust you now, so I shall give you information soon. But not now."
Dib was a little let down, but not much. "Ok. Oh and by the way, the Irken symbol was a nice touch. It really brings out the awesomeness in it."
"Yes, thanks." Zim just realized he said thank you and was a little stunned.
Dib was kind of spooked from the thanks he got from Zim, but to no more notice in it. "So you know how to draw? May I see more?" he asked looking at the sketch book that was already in Zims hand.
Zim shrugged. It's not like there was anything to hide. He had already given Dib a lot in his dreams, nothing could be a surprise. He handed Dib the book.
Dib started from the beginning and looked at each picture carefully, with great detail. The first few were simple pictures; houses, dogs, cats, humans, buildings, the easy stuff. Most were poorly drawn, well the first ten. After that they got to be really good. There was a perfect replica of Gir both in and out of his costume. Then Gaz playing her game; also perfect. The Tallest, Zim, a bunch of Irken ships, the massive, even one of Dib – all perfect. Dib never knew.
He gaped at them. He looked at more. This time he didn't know who they were. One was a picture of an Irken male with green eyes, a green PAK that matches the eyes, antennae like Zims. He had on a top notch Irken pilot uniform. He was top of the line, but who was he? "Zim who is this?" he asked pointing to the picture.
"That is Dax; my brother."
Dib looked for a minute more. They did look like Zim, but older, more mature. He turned the page and saw a baby Irken looking out at him. She looked just like Dax, but her eyes were blue as well as her PAK, and her antennae were curled at the end. "Who's this?"
"Zeema. She is a Smeet."
He looked on to see a two Irkens, a male and female. They stand side by side, looking out at Dib with soft faces; gentle and kind. Dib pointed.
"My parent units."
"You mean your parents?"
"No, parent units. We are born from tubes, on Irk. They just keep us until we are old enough to go into training."
Dib had question pop into his head, but decided to ask later. He turned the page to see another couple. Male and female, clearly in love. They hold hands, looking out at Dib. The girl had two long bold lashes at the top of her sea blue eyes, the same that Zeema had; they curl up and out. And one bold lash at the bottom of her eyes, slightly up, but it was clear they could go down. She had a slight smile. Her antennae went up and zig-zagged twice and curled slightly in, in a thick moon-like curl. She wore a long light blue dress with lots of lines. Her gloves; long and light blue. He shoes as well.
The boy slightly taller than the two, that were both very tall, and had the same maroon eyes Zim had. His antennae zig-zagged once and ended like Zim and Dax's. He had a long red trench coat that looked somewhat like Dib's and an Invader shirt of the same colour of Zims, under along with pants and boots like Zims.
"Who are they? They look like you, Dax and Zeema!"
"I don't know. I got a flash vision in my head and drew it. And I still don't know who they are."
Dib had more questions but kept them at bay. He looked through the rest. More pictures of perfectly drawn human things, one of Tak, and some clearly Irken animals.
He handed back the sketch book. Zim put it away. "So how did you become such a great artist so fast?" Dib asked.
"Irkens are good at things, and learn more quickly than other species." Dib still looked confused, so Zim tried to explain. "Let me see your guitar."
Dib retrieved it and gave it to Zim. "I didn't know you knew how to play."
"I don't." he snatched off his wig and stretched his antennae. Gir and Gaz, who were playing outside came in to see Zim and Dib. They walked over and watched as Zim began plucking each string and spouted off what the string note they were and fine tuned them; better than Dib ever could. He learned in about two minutes what the note were and adjusted to where he could play with two finger-claws.
In about five minutes he was playing many human songs and Irken without looking at any sheet music.
"Wow." Dib stared in awe.
"Woo! Do it again, Master!" Gir clapped.
"Impressive, let's see what you can do with a violin and viola." Gaz retrieved the instruments as Zim gave Dib the guitar back. She handed Zim the violin and he did the same with it as the guitar. And then the viola.
They were all awestruck. Zim just said, "I told you, Irken are highest race. Everyone is inferior to our skills. No offense to the master gamer, here," Zim gave a sly smile to Gaz and she just looked triumphant. "And just think, if Irken, especially me, are good at learning music and drawings, the easy stuff, then think, how good are we at fighting and piloting ships?"
"You are so cool!" Dib shouted. Zim nodded in agreement.
Zim then realized the time. It was around 9 and was way dark outside. "Are we going to go hunt for werewolves and vampires or not?"
"Yaeh! Let's go!' Dib went a grabbed stuff as well as Zim. When everything was gathered and they were ready to go and started to walk out the door, Zim stopped when he caught sight of Gaz.
She was silently pleading with Zim to stay, but not to be embarrassed at the same time. "Go ahead and stay I'll make sure Dib won't know a thing, but you have to go along, ok?" he whispered and she nodded.
Dib came back through the tent door. "Are you guys coming?"
"I am. But she won't! She is too young to go on such a journey with us! She shall stay! I command it!" Zim commanded.
"But she'll get eaten alive by rabid goat monsters or something! We can't!"
"Then Gir shall stay with her and they shall watch the tent!"
Dib sighed. "OK whatever. Is that ok with you, Gaz?"
"Yaeh, whatever."
And Dib walking out the tent door again. Zim said, "Stay Gir! Stay with Gaz and watch then tent. Let her have a Chaco Taco or something!"
"Okey dokey!" Gir said jumping on Gaz and snuggling into her side. Gaz got a slight pink blush and petted Gir's head.
"Thanks, Zim," she said.
Zim nodded. And looking like a hero, he left, silently and boldly…
THIS TOOK FOREVER!!! XD! It was so uberly hard. Why? I dunno. But because everyone rocks and this is sooooo late, Ima start right now on three more chapters! I'm really sorry it's late! I didn't mean to delay the chapter. I'm trying to post a chapter every three days, but I have finals this week and i was so caught up in studying and junk that I've been delayed. I got a ZAGR moment/chapter coming up. Also one with just Gaz and Gir. and another with just Zim and Dib. I need to write more with Gaz and Gir in it. lolz.
I hope you liek it! Please coment, favorite and all that good stuff!

First --> [link]
Sixth --> [link]
eighth(lol can't spell!) --> [link]
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