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It has been two weeks since the friendship was made official. And every night Dib would dream off all the good things that would happen to Zim… but never the bad.
He dreamt of the good times they had together, and what Zim eats and all the silent hugs Zim has with Gir. He dreams of the times when Zim goes out to steal those Chaco Tacos for Gir. He dreams of the times when Zim only fells good inside and he feels these good, warm, fuzzy feelings to.
Zim often talks to Gir, about past times and things that have happened before Gir and Zim met and Dib dreamt about these conversations. Almost all of them… He is still oblivious to Zim leaving, or the mission, or the girls in which Zim has to save.
Dib does, in fact, know of Zim's Brother Dax, dead sister Zeema, his Parent-units, family-unit, the Tallest and many other things of his life. But anything to do with the mission or the girls is, for some reason, blocked.
Dib now knew Zim better, he knew of the mistakes he has made, the way others of his own kind treat him and even the things the Tallest have done to him, yet Zim stays loyal. Dib now respects Zim a little more, though now he is a little frightened of him, not that he would ever admit that to anyone.
Dib has also learned of Zim's feeding and sleeping habits; and is now careful not to mess with him when he has had the least amount of sleep, or not a lot of food.
Through everything Dib has experienced through the dreams, he has not experienced the bad. No, only good, so he likes his dreams. He likes this friendship, it has its advantages; no bad dreams.

For Zim it's different. His dreams are plagued with bad dreams. He is more worried than ever now that summer is a mere two weeks away.
He knows that Dib has seen the good of Zim's life, for he has let him. When an Irken makes a friend, or wants to test someone, they can let them see the Irkens life through dreams. Zim was testing Dib to see if he could trust him. He now knows he can trust him pretty well, and has let him over at him house many times, and sometimes even in the lower base part.
He isn't prepared to let Dib know that he is leaving. He is his friend now and he doesn't want to hurt him. He shall ask soon.
"Time for skool," the computer says to Zim.
"Ok," he puts on his uniform and looks down to the sleeping Gir that has invaded his bed for the past two weeks. Zim sits down and just looks at the sleeping robot. Gir had started sleeping on Zim's bed like a dog, curled up into a small ball, snuggling right up to him at night. Zim was fine with it; it gave him comfort to know Gir was right there with him.
He reached out and petted the little form. Gir curled up to Zim's leg at his touch. "I am going to miss you, Gir," he then got up and went to the elevator and on to skool.

Dib was already in his seat, when Zim walked in. He was leaning back in his chair, his feet on the desk and his arms behind his big head.
Zim walked over to him with a small smile. "Hey, what's up?"
"Nothing much, what day is it?"
"Cool. So you want to do something after skool today?" Dib asked casually.
"Sure," The bell rings. "We'll talk about it at lunch."
Dib nodded and Zim went back to his seat. Ms. Bitters slithered in.
"DIB!! Get your feet off that desk, before I chop them off!" she snapped.
"Yes ma'am," Dib snapped back into the normal sitting position.
"Get out your text books and turn to page 3,658 and read until page 3,729, then go to lunch."
Everyone started on their long task. By the time Dib was done, everyone else, including Zim, was finishing up or already done.
Dib hurried to lunch and took his normal seat across from Zim. Gaz had gotten sick of being by herself and had resorted to sitting with Zim and Dib. She now sits by Dib playing her GS2.
"Hey, Zim," Dib said sitting down with his tray.
"Hey, so what should we do today?" Zim asked.
"I don't know. How about we go into the woods and try to find those ghost bee babies again?" Dib suggested.
As becoming friends Zim and Dib would go out searching together to find random paranormal creatures like ghost bee babies, Bigfoot, or ghosts. They often stayed out late and sometimes Gaz would go with them. They also went to Dib's house to play video games and Gaz would also join in and just barely beat Zim. Zim had gotten good at playing video games.
And sometimes they would all stay up late at Dibs house and watch movies; scary, funny, weird, paranormal, it didn't matter. Usually Dib would fall asleep and Zim and Gaz would take the time to talk about stuff. Anything really; just things to talk about, but usually its Gir or relationships, or something deep that Gaz would never tell anyone other than Zim and vice versa. Zim had also told Gaz about how he was giving Dib those good dreams to test his trust, but she never told anyone; like Zim asked. They told secrets and were very good friends.
Zim would tell Gaz about how Irkens don't feel much and would ask her to explain these human emotions and other human things that Zim didn't understand. Gaz didn't mind telling Zim what all these thing were, it actually made them closer. But they never told ANYONE, ESPECIALLY Dib that they were friends or ever talk.
Sometimes, as a nice gesture, Zim would bring Gir over just for Gaz and she would be so happy. The first time he brought Gir over Gaz gave Zim a hug, when no one was looking, of course.
"Nah. We already looked for those babies plenty of times, and they always get away! No we shouldn't look for them again, they'll expect us. Is there anything we haven't already tried to look for before?" Zim asked.
"Hmmm? I dunno. We could look for some werewolves, or vampires in the woods? No we can't they only come out at night… Or… no it's a dumb idea!"
"Tell me!!" Zim screeched.
"Ok, ok. We could have a…" Dib gulped and blushed a little "… sleepover..?"
"What is a sleepover?"
"Were you come to my house and stay the night. Well in this case it would be the woods, but it's still considered a sleepover." He rambled.
"I don't know. I do trust you not to hurt me, but…"
"You know I won't hurt you!"
"Oh alright, but no funny stuff ok?!"
"Is Gaz going to go?" Zim asked, blushing slightly at his own question.
"Gaz?" Dib inquired his sister.
She stopped playing her game and looked at Zim. "Ok, but no funny stuff, ok?" she mocked him playfully; only Zim knew it was playful though.
"Yes miss Gazzems," Zim snickered and Gaz kicked him under the table.  Zim uttered "Ow" and sneered at her.
Gaz just threw some milk on Dib. "Gaz?! What the heck?!"
"Just shut up," she snickered.
"I'll be right back," he grumbled and stormed off to the bathroom.
"Now Gaz looked at Zim and a small blush formed. "Is Gir going to be there?"
"If you want him to be."
"Will you bring him?" Her eyes casted downward and more blush showed.
Zim looked around to make sure Dib wasn't around. In fact all of the kids were gone and only the cafeteria staff was left. Dib wasn't in sight. Zim pushed all the food out of his way and leaned over the table and with his face rashly close, his hand gracefully and gently lifted Gaz's eyes to look into his. "Of course I will."
They were so close and Gaz could only stare at Zim. He hadn't been bold like this until the first time he came over to hang out with Dib. She was so close that she could see right past Zim's contacts right into the maroon depths that never seize hold. Their faces only inches apart, and a blush was planted on her pale white skin as well as a dark green one on Zim.
"Thank you," She uttered, smiling. Zim smiled back and letting his hand fall from her face, but not moving at all. Neither moved for several seconds, maybe even a minute. Then they got back their good graces and Zim sat back. The blushes gradually faded and all was back to normal.
Only seconds after they got back to normal Dib was back and looked sort of suspicious. But soon was normal, then the bell rang.
"I'll see you after skool, Zim," Dib called and walked to class.
"Bye, Zim," Gaz said under her breathe.
"Bye, Gaz." And they walked back to their classes.

Dib had only gone to his locker and retrieved another coat, so it didn't take long for him to return. And he saw everything. He saw Zim touch Gaz's face and she didn't flinch or snap. But they didn't do anything so what's to worry?
Dib didn't know and forgot about it soon after class begun.
He could only think about the sleepover…
Zim too…
And Gaz…
I know, I know, I skipped time. I just don't want to make this Fanfic TOO long. The stuff the did during the time skip isn't as important or as dramatic as later. The fanfic will be moderately long anyway so be happy. this Fanfic will have more books in it. this is only the first.
This is only ZADF! NO ZADR ZAGR GAGR ZAGirR GaGirR or really anything else even if it seems like it!!!!!!!!!

First --> [link]
Fifth -->[link]
Seventh --> [link]

Dib, Gir, Zim, The Tallest, Gaz, Ms. Bitters, Crazy Taco and the cafiteria staff go to Jhonen Vasquez

Dax, Zeema, family units, parent units and the 'girls' go to MEE!! :lol:

Chaco Tacos go to Taco bueno and Klodike
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