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Waking up was easy for Dib today, for he had no bad dreams last night.
I wonder why I haven't had a bad dream tonight, he thought to himself. I did dream though… I like these dreams better though.
He did, in fact, have dreams, plenty of them. None bad, all good; and all about the time he spent with Zim last night. He dreamed of the games, of the way Zim stood up to Gaz, even if he couldn't. He dreamt of things that never happened, or at least not to him. He dreamt of Zim stealing something called Chaco Tacos from Crazy Taco at night in a ninja suit. He dreamt of Gir hugging Zim when he got home and Zim hugging back and the delicious chocolate popcorn Zim ate on the couch; the smell, taste and feel it gave Zim in his mouth. He was never there, but he dreamt of all the good things that happened to Zim the night before.
Before Zim got his old, tired, mature look, before the bags under Zim's eyes appeared. Before he went down into the room to think of the girls before bed, before the not-so-good things happened to Zim, the night before.
Dib was puzzled of the dreams; the dreams that never happened to him and he wasn't in. But he didn't dwell on them; he went down to get some cereal, then to the bus with Gaz.

For Zim, though, waking up was dreadfully hard, for he had terrible, unspeakable dreams last night; all about the mission and the many terrible ways it could end.
The computer came on to alert him that it was time for skool. "Go away! I shall be up in a minute. Tell Gir to make food for Zim… Edible food," Zim commanded and got up to dress.
He pulled on his fresh, clean Invader uniform and threw the pajamas up the hamper shoot. He looked into the mirror. "Hmmm…" He studied himself. He looked a lot better today, because of the sleep, but the look of pure terror was still plastered on his face. "I cannot go to skool with this look!" He shouted and made the look fade. He put on a smirk and went to the elevator.
"The kitchen," he demanded. He came out of the trash can and walked to the table. He sat down as Gir set a pile of honey-sweet pancakes down in front of him.
"Here you go, Master!" Gir beamed with flour all over his little metallic body. "The syrup is all baked in! Just like you like it!"
Zim's eyes fluttered and his antennae shuddered at the smell of those wonderful, perfect pancakes. "Thank you, Gir! They look marvelous!" He exclaimed patting Gir on the head. He slaughtered the pancakes and gobbled them down in two minutes flat. "Now go fetch my disguise. That's a good Gir!"
Gir skittered off to get a clean pair of contacts and a new wig for his beloved master. He skipped in and handed Zim the costume.
"Ahh! In perfect condition, as always! Now I'm off!" He said after placing the outfit in place. He waved by to Gir and marched out the door. The pancakes had gotten rid of the nightmares that still jumbled in his brain for the moment, and he intends to keep it that way for a while.

The day went normal like before Dib and Zim hung out, until lunch.
"Hey!" Dib went up to Zim with his food. Zim was at his normal spot and was poking his glob of black stuff with his 'almighty spork', as he calls it.
He looks up and to see Dib walking over and slightly smiles. "Hey," he says back. His spork is now stuck in the gush of whatever-it-is. "What's up?" he asks pulling at the spork.
"Where did you get a spork around here? Skool doesn't give them out," Dib asked.
"When I was being chased for robbery in the city someone threw it at me. My scanner says it's clean, so I use it to mess with this filthy, junk you call food." Zim looked rather unimpressed.
"Sounds boring. So what do you do for fun when you're not fighting with me or trying to destroy the world?"
"Nothing." Then Zim suddenly asks out of the blue, "Are we considered 'friends'?"
Dib was taken aback by this. He never, in a million years, would have thought Zim would ask something like that. He really wanted to yell at him for it and say "Heck no! Never! Why would I be YOUR FRIEND?!" but he couldn't get the nerve to say it. So he said, "I don't know. Do you think we are?"
"I'm not sure. I am an Irken and Irken Invaders don't need friends," It's true, Invaders didn't NEED friends, but they could want them or have them; everyone gets lonely.
"Well, why do you ask?"
"I don't know. I have studied human emotions and some would consider this friendship. I am simply curious." Not true.
"Well, do you WANT to be friends?" a small, unexpected blush formed on Dibs face.
"What is that redness on your face, human?" Zim pointed and poked Dib's cheek.
Dib blushed a little more. "It's called a blush, it happens to humans, when something embarrassing happens or they are nervous." Dib pushed Zim's finger away.
"Then you are embarrassed? Or nervous?" Zim inquired.
"Well yes."
"Man, you're nosey."
"NO I'm not!" Zim shouted. "Wait… What is nosey?"
"You ask a lot of questions."
"Oh. Then answer them!"
"OK, ok. Fine. I blushed a little because I asked if you wanted to be friends, then more when you pointed it out."
"Now answer my question."
"Do you want to be friends?"
Now Zim blushed a little; a dark green formed from one cheek threw to the other across where, if he had one, his nose would be. "Umm… Sure…. I guess." He looked down and scuffed his boot on the ground. He was secretly pleased.
Dib was pleased to, but didn't want to freak the Irken out he simply said, "Cool. So we're friends now."
"Yaeh. Can I ask you a question?"
"Uh, Sure. Go ahead."
Zim gulped. He couldn't ask this now. Maybe later. "You want to hang out today after skool?" He improvised.
"Sure. I know you don't trust me at your base-"
"Call it house. It is my home."
"Oh. Sure. Well, since you don't trust me at your house, then you can just come over to mine. Maybe we could go to the arcade or something from there."
"Sure, that would be nice." Zim smiled warmly.
Dib smiled back. Then the bell rang. Time for class, again. "Ok, well, see you later, I guess," he waved.
"'Kay, see you later." Zim waved back and the boys threw their food away and left for class.
Dib hadn't eaten, but he didn't care. He had a friend now; an Alien, but a friend none the less. He was full from happiness.
And Zim was too….
Wow. Another so fast? Well Someone reviewed it on and it boosted my selfconfidence and made me write it. I wrote it in like and hour. YAY! Thank you mystery person that I don't kno! =P I Love you so much! ;D ;) XD

Zim, Dib, Gaz, Gir and Crazy Taco go to Jhonen Vasquez
Chaco Tacos go to Klondike and Taco Bueneo(however you spell it)
Fanfic go to ME!! :rofl:

First --> [link]
4th --> [link]
6th --> [link]
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