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July 27, 2010
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Zim woke up refreshed and happy for the first time since the news of the mission was spread to him. He got out of his sleeping bag and looked around. The others were still asleep, so he decided to get his stuff back to his house before they woke. He rolled up his sleeping bag and got dressed in a corner. He got his supplies he brought and woke up Gir.
"Yes, master?" Gir asked sleepily. Gir had changed positions in the night and was now on top of the TV.
"I need you to help me bring our stuff back to the house really fast, ok?" Gir nodded. He went and started picking up his and Zim's stuff and putting it in his head. Zim picked up some things and put them in his PAK. "Let's go," Zim told Gir when they had everything that was theirs. They walked outside and Zim got on Gir's back and the two flew off to Zim's house.
When they got there Zim put everything back and checked his messages. "Oh no!" Zim shouted. This alarmed Gir, so he turned to Zim confused. "The Tallest called me while I was at the tent! But it should've called my communicator." Zim thought for a moment. He slapped his head when he realized what happened. "I HAVE to call them back NOW!"
He dialed the Tallest number and they answered on the first ring. "Invader Zim, we are glad you called back. We have information of the Mission, for you. But first we would like to ask you some questions regarding your ware bouts last night." Purple said. Zim nodded knowing they knew exactly where he was and what was happening.
"Where were you? We saw you and two other humans. One female and one male you used to speak badly of. We saw your S.I.R. unit as well." Red looked slightly agitated.
"Ummm… How to put this right without sounding bad…" The Tallest antennae twitched sensing Zim's frustration. "I was doing slight research. I know that the mission I am to go on is more important, but this was a one chance thing to learn about humans." Zim was nervous.
"And what did you learn?" Purple asked.
"That humans are a lot easier to kill with a wild animal than with deactivatable bombs. They get hurt easily and animals are no match for them. They are soft and squishy, and they sleep a lot more than us. They sleep all night, EVERY night." The Tallest gasped. "That is a potential weak spot. And human females are very hypnotizable with our eyes," Zim tried to get around telling them he kissed a female human more than once. "They love music and the animals fall asleep to it. Humans can easily fall asleep to music, or television."
"Ok. So where were you, though?" Red asked.
"Well, I was at something called a sleep over. It's where a bunch of humans get together and sleep in the same room. They do that when they are friends with one another." Zim knew he just gave himself away.
"You are friends with humans?" Purple asked, not sounding the least bit angry. Red looked rather worried.
"Well, yes. I guess you could say that." Zim looked down ashamed, a small unpredicted blush formed on his cheeks.
The Tallest gasped. They looked at each other worried and Red said, "Zim we will call you back in a moment; after securing the area so none may hear us." Zim looked up confused and nodded. The transmission cut.
Zim waited, but a minute as the Tallest called back. Zim answered the call. The Tallest looked unnerved; avoiding eye contact with Zim. They kept looking at each other. "May I ask you a question, my Tallest?" Zim asked. They nodded. "When I was with the female, I heard her say something, but she claimed she didn't say anything. Can Irken read minds?"
The Tallest got a shocked look on their face, and Red looked at Zim directly in the eyes, "I don't know Zim." That confused Zim.
"What about talking to animals? I told some animals to go away and some to stay and they listened to me." That unnerved the Tallest even more.
"I don't know that either. Can we ask you another thing though?" Zim nodded. "Why did you not have on your human disguise while you were asleep in that room with the humans?"
"Because they both know I'm an Irken, and they don't care. They are my friends and I Lo-" Zim stopped short, finally noticing what he was saying. He looked at his Tallest to see the unreadable expressions they wore. "I was goin to say, Loath having to wear that disguise." He said to try to fix his mistake, but he knew they didn't buy it.
"Let's go over things about the mission," Red changed the conversation. "We are sending the eye contacts and clothing you'll need for the mission. Seeing how you've grown since leaving Irk, we won't have to worry about the girls noticing your height." Zim nodded. "We must go now, but a couple more questions and you must answer truthfully. Nothing bad will happen to you unless you lie."
"Yes, my Tallest," Zim said respectfully.
"Are you feeling new emotions that were supposed to be blocked out of your PAK?" Zim nodded. "Are you attached to your S.I.R. unit?" Zim nodded. "Do you Love the Girls?" Zim nodded eyes filling with tears. "Do you Love those humans?" Zim nodded once more, a single tear spilled from his eye, a sob choking him; a knot in his throat. "That is all." And the transmission ended.
Zim and Gir got back to the tent just in time to see Dib and Gaz almost done with taking down the tent.
"Little help?" Gaz asked. Zim shrugged and got out his PAK legs to help put everything up faster.
"Were did all the stuff go?" Zim asked, noticing everything was gone.
"Dad sent out a bunch of helpers to bring it all back to the house, we just have to bring the tent back. Where'd you go?" Dib asked.
"Drop my stuff off at my house." Zim looked over to Gaz, she nodded to him and he nodded to her. He turned back to Dib. "So Dib, what are you doing for summer break?" Zim asked casually, still helping with the tent folding.
"Nothing really, hang out around the house like always I suppose. Why?" He looked at Zim curiously.
"No reason really." Zim went back to working on folding. A moment later he asked another question. "What if I left? What would you do?"
"You mean like a summer vacation?" Dib looked at Zim again.
"Something like that," Zim avoided eye contact with Dib.
"Well, then I'd miss you, but I'd do pretty much the same things I did before you came to Earth. Why? You thinking of going on vacation."
"Well, kind of. Lemme ask you this: What if I left and never came back?" Zim continued with his work, but that question stopped Dib short. He turned around to look at Zim. He turned back to work.
"I dunno. Are you leaving the Earth for good?" Dib asked.
"No! Well I hope not! I'm going to visit some relatives for the summer, but if something where to happen to me while I was out in space, then I might not come back." Zim finished folding.
"Well, I don't know what I'd do. Who are you going to see?" Dib asked finishing as well.
"You remember the Family Unit I showed you pictures of?" Dib nodded. "Them." Dib nodded.
"I'll be right back. I got to go find my camera. I dropped it when we were running from those wolves." Dib walked off.
"I think that went pretty well," Zim told Gaz. She nodded in agreement and smiled. Zim walked over to Dib bag, filled with Dib supplies. He saw the camera. "Hey. His camera is right here!" Zim told Gaz.
"Maybe he just thought he dropped it," Gaz suggested. She walked up behind Zim and looked over his shoulder.
"I guess I'll put it back," He said as he opened Dib's bag; he set the camera in. Right before he closed up the bag he saw an open, hidden zipper with a manila folder sticking a little bit out. He pulled out the folder and opened it up and began to read.
"What are you doing?! That's Dibs stuff! You can't just go and look in his stuff!" Gaz told Zim.
"Hold on. This looks interesting," Zim shushed her and continued reading, while Gaz read on with him. Gaz gasped and Zim looked scared and disappointed. "So I couldn't trust him?" Zim murmured to himself.
"This can't be really Dibs!" Gaz was astonished.
Zim read it over once more.
Invite Zim to another sleep over and while he's asleep; knock him out. Bring the alien to the Swollen Eyeball.
There it was, written on a white piece of paper in Dib's handwriting. Zim felt tears of betrayal and abuses fill his red eyes. He felt a deep pain in his spooch. "Would he really do this to me, Gaz?" He sought the comfort of his human friend.
She took him in her arms and caressed his head with her hand, like a mother would her child. "I don't think this is a new plan. It might be a very old one that he might have in his bag, but forgot it," she tried to keep from making it worse.
"But it said at a sleep over! He only brought that up recently! He couldn't do it last night because we weren't there," Zim cried. His small sobs of pain and injustice filled the small area around them.
"It's ok, it's ok," Gaz cooed. She rubbed his back in a soothing motion. She soon ran her hand through his two antennae and flattened them to his head. The sobs and tears subsided, then. Little shakes filed throughout his body. He softly purred. Gaz heard the noise and asked, "Why are you purring?"
"The antennae; they are sensitive. When you pet them it's like petting a cat or scratching a dog's belly. It's very nice," Zim explained, leaning into the pets Gaz continued to give out.
Gaz, uttered a small "Oh," and after a few minutes of petting she stopped. "Will you be ok?"
Zim nodded. "I'm too scared to be around Dib at the time being. When I leave will you take care of Gir for me?" Gaz nodded. "Please don't let him get taken away."
"I won't," Gaz assured Zim. Tears welled up in Zims eyes once more, after thinking about how dib betrayed him.
Zim and Gaz broke from the hug and Zim reread the paper; over and over and over, until Dib came back.
Dib saw what Zim was reading and he got all tensed up. Zim didn't notice Dib was back until he felt the tensing sensation in the air. Gaz glared at Dib in a hateful manner.  Zim walked up to Zim holding out the paper in front of him. "Would you really do this to me?"
"Huh? Zi-" Dib started, but was cut off.
"I can't believe you!" Zim shouted and dropped the paper. "I thought we were friends." Zim walked over to Gir, who was hovering and waiting for Zim to get on. Zim hugged Gaz quickly and left, flying on Gir.
"Wait!" Dib yelled, but Zim was too far away now.
"I can't believe you." Gaz silently said and took her bag and started home.
She was already out of earshot when Dib said, "But it was only a precaution…"
I liked writing this!

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Butterflysara12 Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
poor Zim caught in a misunderstanding

I really like your writing very interesting I'm gonna keep on reading :meow:
Emogirl88 Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you c: im glad i could appeal to your senses C:
Butterflysara12 Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love these stories can you please make more please I love your work :D
Emogirl88 Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Of course c: i have the first book finished already and as soon as i fix my computer i'll start on the second c:
Butterflysara12 Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok what's it called so i can read it
Emogirl88 Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Its the ZADF story your reading
Butterflysara12 Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I read all of those in the story they made me laugh and cry at the same time
Emogirl88 Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha well i was aiming to make people get emotional c:
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becca1211zim Dec 11, 2011  Student Digital Artist
oh noooo dib how could you.......
Emogirl88 Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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