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July 13, 2010
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Dib woke up to the faint sound of sweet soft music. The movie was over and Gir was fast asleep, but Zim and Gaz were nowhere to be seen.
Where the heck are they?! He thought to himself as he got up, making sure not to wake up Gir, and looking around the tent. He looked all around the large tent and outside of it as well, but found no sign of the two. The music still played somewhere in the forest and it soothed Dib; as if he'd heard it before.  Wait a minute! Music?! He dashed back inside of the tent. He looked around and couldn't find his sisters instruments. I knew I heard this music before! They played it before while I was asleep!!
He dashed outside in search of the source of the music. He was headed toward the lake as the music grew louder with each step he took.  Soon he came to a clearing where he saw many animals; some sleeping, some swaying to the music. He looked where the animals looked too and saw his sister playing her violin with Zim playing Gaz's viola on top of a rock under a willow tree. He's awful close to that water, one wrong move and he'd be dead. He shook the thought from his mind. And hid behind a bunch of bushes and slowly got closer to the two.
When he got close enough to them he stopped and waited to see what they were going to do. Soon the music stopped and they put their instruments up. He saw them look around at their sleeping audience and he saw them look into the water where many fish lay watching.
"No more music for tonight," Zim said and Dib was astonished to see them swim away.
"Wow, they listen to you," Gaz said in awe. The admiring look on Gazes face seemed to make Dib slightly mad.
"Yes, they do," Zim said and then turned to the animals and told them, "No more music for tonight, go or stay as you please." And some left and some stayed. Dib was in awe as well as Gaz.
Dib continued to watch the two, but all they did was look at each other. Boring! Dib has obviously never liked anyone before. He sat there bored for a moment until Zim did something so unbelievable that Dib was sure Gaz would kill him for doing! Zim KISSED Gaz on the LIPS! Dib had to suppress a gasp; and it was extremely hard for him. Then something even more shocking happened; SHE KISSED BACK! Why?! Why would Gaz ever KISS Zim?! What is wrong with her! He's an alien and he's not even wearing a disguise right now!!! Ewww!! Dib was ready to kill himself at the sight of his sister kissing an alien, but he stayed in his spot to see how far his would go.
They finally broke. "You like?" Dib was ready and willing to tear that smirk off Zim's face at that comment.
Gaz rolled her eyes, "Well you ARE a good kisser, but…" Yes maybe she has come to her senses!
Zim looked a tad disappointed, "But?"
"But, I only like you because you are acting so different because of the mission. And I would rather stay friends, ok?" The mission? The take over the world one? Why would he act different because of his dumb, useless mission? Dib was utterly confused.
"Ok." Zim looked hurt. Did he really like my sister…? He stayed a little longer just so he could see what would happen next.
"Who are these Girls anyway?" Gaz asked. Girls?
Zim whispered something into Gazes ear. "No way!"
"Yes way!" and they started giggling. This is getting to weird; I'm going back to the tent. And he left in the middle of the giggle-fest.
When Dib got back to the Tent he grabbed his extra file-folder that he keeps with him everywhere just in case he thinks up a good plan to catch Zim if he ever stabbed him in the back. "I never thought I'd have to write another plan to catch Zim. This is only, if I catch him trying something again with Gaz." And he wrote down the plan in the folder and put it back inside his bag. "I hope Zim will never see this."
And he laid down yet again to fall back into blissful sleep. He had no dreams what so ever this time…
Rawr! Sorry i just had an impulse to do that! anyway I hope you all enjoy this!!! Rawr!

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