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Zim and Gaz walked back to the tent silently. Gaz thinking about Dax and the kiss Zim gave her; Zim thinking about what he just did. He kissed a HUMAN! The Tallest must never find out! He also just practically set up his brother with a human female and gave away his secret.
He trusted Gaz of course! But what if she told Dib about the Girls or the mission? Stop thinking like that! Gaz is my friend! She won't do that to me… would she? NO! She wouldn't! She just proved her loyalty when she didn't kill me when I kissed her. Wait a minute… "Oh my Tallest!" He shouted aloud.
"What? What is it Zim?!" Gaz looked concerned.
"I just realized that I haven't asked Dib what would happen if I left, so I would know when I leave for the mission; and summer is only a week away!" He shouted. He set down the viola case, grabbed his antennae and shook his head starting to freak out.
Gaz pulled Zim by his shoulders and gave him a light shake. "Zim! Listen to me." Zim stopped and looked at Gaz. "You can ask him tomorrow before we go back home. I'll take Gir down to the lake again or something and you ask him. What do you think he would do anyway?"
"Well I have looked up and saw how some humans commit something called suicide or homicide when they get depressed, sad, or angry. I am worried if I leave him without knowing what would happen he would do something reckless."
Gaz couldn't believe her ears; Zim really did care for her brother; her too no doubt! She smiled kindly at Zim and removed her hands. "Listen, Zim, Dib wouldn't do anything like this. If he would he would have already done it before you became his friend. The worst to happen is he would hate you or become depressed; but nothing that would go drastic like homicide, or suicide."
"But, if he hated me and I came back would we never be friends again? Or things would go back like before?" He looked down and a single tear shed his crimson eye. He was genuinely sad.
Gaz was moved; maybe he had really changed? "He wouldn't hate you so much that you guys couldn't go back to being friends like now. When you come back, just explain; and before you leave do something really nice or get him something to remind him you care." Gaz wiped the tear from Zim's cheek.
"I think I can do the nice thing on my own, but would you come with me to get him something? Like, tomorrow or something?" Zim smiled looking up at Gaz.
"Sure, of course." She then brought Zim in a sudden hug.
Zim was shocked and confused, but he hugged back. When Gaz broke the hug Zim asked, "I thought you wanted to stay friends?"
"Friends hug, Zim." Gaz blushed.
"Oh." Zim blushed too. "Thank you." Zim picked up the viola case and started to walk again. Still weird, those words are…
Gaz picked up her violin case and started to walk also. Soon she caught up with Zim. She walked next to him. She held the case with her left hand while he held his case with his right. Gaz stopped walking. "Zim?"
Zim stopped also. "Yaeh?"
"Just for tonight, can we be more than friends?" She blushed and looked down.
"Ok, I guess." He blushed and looked down also. He walked back to Gaz and took hold of her hand. Their fingers interlocked and they began to walk again towards the tent. They were still a little bit away still. They walked in silence, as they walked close together and happy once more.
Soon the tent was insight. Gaz stopped and pulled Zim back to her. They both put down their cases. "I think it's really sweet of you to think of my brother before you leave. I have never had a boyfriend and that's why I want to be more then friends for tonight. Thank you." She hugged Zim again and held on tight. "I'm going to miss you when you leave."
"I'll miss you too." He held on too. Soon they broke the hug and picked up the cases and, once more, walked hand in hand to the tent. "I'm pretty sure they are still asleep, so we must be quite and get some sleep ourselves. Ok?"
"Alright," and they walked in and set the cases back to their original spots. They grabbed their sleeping bags and put them by each other. Gaz got into her bag and Zim looked over to Dib and Gir. Gir was beside Dib and Dib slept peacefully. Zim looked at Dib longer and he could have sworn he saw discomfort on Dibs face as though he was aware of Zim watching him.
Gaz broke the stare by grabbing Zims hand and turning him away, towards her. "Are you still worried about the whole mission and Dib's reaction?" She whispered.
Zim used that as a way to avoid telling Gaz about Dibs face; yes Dib's face isn't a good topic to talk about… ever…
"Uhh… Yaeh. I'm still worried." He whispered back.
"Well don't be.  I told you he won't do anything stupid. I'll make sure he won't. Trust me. He won't know what hit him."
"I guess you're right. You haven't told him anything about anything yet!" he was a little louder than he wanted to be.
"Shh! Don't speak so loud, you'll wake him. We should get sleep."
"Ok. I'm still worried abo-" he was cut off by Gaz kissing him. He was surprised, but he didn't stop it. He knew it was ok to like this kiss; only for tonight, by tomorrow they will only be friends. He kissed back and it soon ended. Gaz smiled at Zim and grabbed his hand. She brought him to the two sleeping bags and got it hers.
Zim got in his and they cuddled next to each other. "No funny stuff, ok?" Gaz told him, though she knew it was unnecessary.
"I would never even dream about it." They snuggled close together, facing each other. They smiled at each other.
Soon they fell asleep. And tomorrow Zim would have to ask Dib…
YAY! It is up!!! And you KNOW they didn't do IT in the sleeping bags so don't say they did...

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I have fallin in love with this story! can't wait to read the rest.
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i lmao when he said dibs face should not be talked about. great story
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Lol. i love writing that kinda stuff. I'm so mean to our poor baby Dibbeh. :P
Greenspoonloverszim Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010
YOUR SO TALENTED!!!!!!!!! This is perfectly written!! The little bits of zagr is brilliant! And zims brother(cant remember his name :P ) and gaz together would be sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Aw. thank you so much!!! :DD Zims bro is Daz ;) sometimes I can't even remember his name
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Your welcome!! And yeah I know right! But I'm a very foretell person!! XD
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but woldint dib knowtis when he woke up how close together thay wher?
Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe... Wait and see... :evillaugh:
jackfreak1994 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Awww So cute!
I like the fact that Zim is really worried about loosing his friendship with Dib when he leaves.

At least Zim now knows that Gaz has a thing for him, the same way he feels for her
Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
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