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June 21, 2010
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Dib was passed out after about thirty minutes of the movie and Gir was asleep on top of his head.
Zim looked over and smiled at the sleeping pair; yes he would miss them dearly. He looked back over to Gaz and smiled. She smiled back as Zim got up. Zim held a hand out and Gaz took it standing up. After she was up she let go of his three-clawed hand and started to walk silently outside; Zim right behind her.
When they got to the tent door, Gaz opened it and held it open for Zim. Zim walked out and waited, letting Gaz take the lead again. She went over to a rock and sat down. She looked expectantly at Zim. He went and sat beside her. "So is there something you want to talk about?" he asked.
"Yaeh, Thank you. I know I never say that much, but seriously thank you. You know I wasn't asleep earlier right?" He nodded. "Well, thanks for not letting Dib know anything. You keep secrets very well, you know."
"You do to. You haven't spilled a single thing about me to anyone, yet. Thank you," He said back. He blushed a little. 'Thank you''s are so weird.
"Well can you be honest for a minute please?" she used another word she never uses. She's only using it to get her way though.
Zim knew something was up and he was a little suspicious. "Sure," he said after a moment of hesitating.
"OK. Well, when are you going to leave for that mission?"
"Well… I just found out I am to leave at summer beginning. I don't know when I'll return though."
"And what is the mission about?"
"I have to save some girls. They are extremely important. Only I can."
"Because Dax can't and I am the only one who looks enough like him to do it. They haven't seen him in forever and they won't notice the height. I have to dress up like him."
"And what happens if you can't save these girls?"
"I'll die. Either trying or afterwards," He looked sad. Gaz was shocked; why would they kill Zim if he doesn't succeed? "Because they already think I'm dead and if they die or I can't get them back to Irk, then I have no right to live," he said seeming to read her thoughts.
"You can read minds?"
"No! I thought you said that aloud… didn't you?" She shook her head. "I'll have to talk with my Tallest."
"Ok, well, why are these girls so important anyway?" Gaz sneered.
Zim antennae picked up on a jealous vibe. "Jealous much?" He asked and Gaz glared at him. "Well, it's not what you think. They are Birth Irkens. They were part of the very few that were born naturally. There are legends of them, but I never knew they were real until My Tallest told me. They don't trust anyone but me and Dax, and because I am dead in their eyes I cannot go as me; only Dax. Dax is actually a Birth Irken too. I just found out that all my siblings are except me."
"Why? He is your Brother, right? So couldn't you be?"
"I don't know. Here's the thing; A Birth Irken doesn't know about that until they are 168 Irken years, which would be only 14 human years. But girl Irkens go throw this type of puberty at a younger age; That would explain why My Girls have already gone through the Change."
"Wait… so you're HOW OLD?"
"156. So I am 13. If I am to go through the change it will be soon. How old are you?"
"12. Dib is 13 also. One year apart. Exactly one year apart. I don't want to say our Birthday though. So tell me yours."
"I won't say a month, because I really don't know, but I was born on the 17th of some month."
"Would about Dax?"
"Same exact day a year older. Every one of my siblings is born exactly one year apart. Except for Zeema; she was born only half a year. I think that's why she died."
"I'm so sorry. So what's your favorite colour?"
"Purple and Black. Do you like to play guitar?"
"Yaeh, but don't tell anyone."
"The music can make me cry. I don't know why, but it does. I don't want people to see me cry."
"I didn't know you could cry."
"I can. I love to argue and pick on people like Dib, even though we are friends it's still fun."
"Yaeh. I do too. What are your favorite songs?"
"Anything Irken, some rock songs, like three love songs, no country except Taylor Swift; she's cool."
"Yaeh, Taylor's cool"
"Do you want to see those pictures I showed Dib earlier?"
"Sure." Zim got them out and she looked at all of them. She looked at the picture of Zeema when she was just a smeet, "Aw she's cute."
"Thanks," Zim looked proud to have Zeema as a sister.
Gaz flipped until she saw a picture of an older Zeema. "Wow. Your sisters beautiful.
She stopped at the unknown couple. "Do you not know who they are?"
"Not personally. I did call my Tallest and ask. They said it was a Birth parent couple. They were the couple who had my siblings. They are Dax's and Zeema parents. If I were a Birth Irken I would want them as my parents." Zim looked lovingly at them. "When I showed this picture to Dax he looked confused and worried. He knew they were his parents though. He was worried and confused because I knew about him and my other siblings and he just learned about the Girls."
"Wow. The Father here looks like he has your eyes." She looked into his eyes and counted the different colours. She could detect hints of Purple and Blue, but mostly different shades of Red. "You and Dax and this couple look a lot alike. I really think you guys all are really related."
"Me too. But the Change is extremely painful and it would be my most vulnerable moments. It last a couple of weeks."
"Wow. Do you know what The Girls look like?"
"Well I remember what they use to look like, but not what they look like now.  When I see them and if I come back I'll draw a picture and show you what they look like now.  Or I can call the Tallest and request to see a picture of what they look like."
"Ok but stop saying 'if' ok?"
"Ok." They both lay back and watch the stars. Then a shooting star shoots by. They both smile at the wonder of the mystery. "Hey, Gaz? Do you want to play the violin and viola with me for a little bit?"
"Umm, sure." She blushes.
"I'll go get them." And Zim walks back silently to the tent and retrieves the cases with the instruments inside. "Come on!" He hands the violin case to Gaz and they run off into the night. They run to the lake and stop by a low hanging tree and sit on a large rock under the tree right by the water.
"Be careful not to fall Zim," Gaz warned.
"I'll be careful," Zim promised and began to take out the viola and tune it. When he was done he took Gaz's violin and tuned it. When he gave it back they began to play a soft melody and slowly into a song they had heard on the internet once.
It started out soft and sad and slowly turned romantic and flowed like liquid from both. They played through the whole song effortlessly and perfectly and the music flowed through them like a sort of magic. It lifted animals from their homes and fish and brought them to the pair as they sat facing each other playing in the Moonlight of the Full moon.
All the creatures who watched soon fell asleep to the sweet, soft melody that soon came to a gentle end. Then they began to put up the instruments that they played to beautifully. They set the cases with the instruments in them down on the ground beside the rock. They looked around at the sleeping animals. They looked down into the lake to see coy fish looking up at them wanting more music.
"No more music for tonight," Zim said softly and the fish swam away.
"Wow, they listen to you," Gaz said in awe.
"Yes they do," He spoke to Gaz then he turned to the other animals and spoke, "No more music for tonight, go or stay as you please." And animals woke up and left while others stayed.
Gaz stared at Zim and watched him as he spoke knowingly to the creatures. Wow, he's amazing! She thought, He has changed so much; probably for the mission. Who are these Girls, though? I'll ask later. But he is so human right now. And just look at the way the Moonlight shines on his eyes.
She looked into Zim's deep Red eyes and wondered if he would stay like this. She soon gave up and figured it didn't matter; he is what he is and right now he is perfect.
Zim looked back at Gaz and noticed the way she stared at him. Why is she looking at me? I AM ZIM! Everyone wants to look at the incredible, amazing ZIM! I have changed so much for the mission. I hope she knows that. I guess it doesn't matter now since I am to leave for a long time. Time for another bold move! MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Zim laughed in his head.
She did look pretty in the Moonlight; Zim could admit that; well he wouldn't admit it to anyone but himself, though. He did something no one would dare. But Zim was daring and Gaz liked that.
Zim kissed Gaz. Not on the cheek, but right smack on the lips. A passionate kiss, one he could proudly call his own. Nothing short of bliss for Gaz. She was very shocked at first, but she didn't resist. In fact she kept it going a little bit. By the end they were both shocked by the whole thing, and they were both blushing like crazy.
Zim smirked. "You like?"
Gaz rolled her eyes. "Well you ARE a good kisser, but…"
"But?" Zim asked.
"But, I only like you because you are acting so different because of the mission. And I would rather stay friends, ok?"
"Ok." Zim looked a little hurt though.
"Who are these Girls anyway?"
Zim whispered it in her ear. Gaz gasped "No way!"
"Yes way!" They giggled. "You know, I don't think we would be a good couple, but if you are looking for an Irken like me but not as annoying then Dax might be him," Zim inquired.
"I'll have to meet him first. Hey do you have a last name?"
"Yaeh, the same as my siblings and Dax's real parents."
"What is it?"
Gaz smiled. Dax Nekri. Good name.
Gaz still can't believe Who the Girls REALLY are…
Hey this is me! The person who write the story! YAY! OK, so cheers to whoever can figure out where I got Zim’s last name from. Also I got inspiration from four specific songs on YouTube. One, if it isn’t obvious, is ‘I’d Lie’ by Taylor Swift. Yaeh, she’s awesome. There are lyrics from the song in the story if you can’t tell. If you can tell me all of them then cheers to you! Here are the links to the violin songs on YouTube that inspired me to do this chapter:

Sad violin: [link]

La corda .. Romance On Violin: [link]

Kiss the rain [Violin Version] - Anime Couple: [link]

They are awesome so check them out!!!

Special Thanks to Starlight Comet on for being too awesome and inspiring me to write faster or Zim will haunt me until I do. LOL! Even though that sounds totally kewl I really don’t wanna be haunted right now! Thanks Starlight Comet You rock!!

First --> [link]
Tenth --> [link]
12th --> [link]
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