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June 15, 2010
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Zim and Dib ran into the tent, huffing and puffing. Dib stopped short when he saw Gaz and Gir asleep. He nudged Zim with an elbow and Zim looked up to see them. Dib was shocked to see Zim only smile softly and gaze upon the two with sorrow.
Dib looked back at Gaz and Gir, and he was sure that if Gaz woke up she would break the poor robot and kill both Zim and Dib for seeing them asleep like that, but with everything that has happened; he didn't know what to think. He watched as Zim went over to them and softly picked up Gir and laid him inside Gir's sleeping bag.
Zim then walked over to Dib. "Don't worry about them. I'm sure Gir went over there after Gaz fell asleep. At least now she won't kill anyone." Dib nodded in agreement. He stopped and held his neck as a stabbing pain shot through his body. He then realized that they were both still beat up from the fight.
"M-m-a-a-a…" Dib's voice cracked and his throat throbbed; he didn't know he was actually hurt so bad, because Zim had taken most of the beating and Zim looked pretty good, despite bruising and dried blood.
Zim looked at Dib sympathetically. "Maybe we should get fixed up and cleaned up," he said looking from Dib's torn body to his own bloody body. Dib only smiled as Zim took his to the far side of the tent and started to fix him up, using Irken technology that he secretly brought along in his PAK.
Dib was worried about letting Zim work on him with Irken stuff, while Dib was to hurt to do anything. If Zim got angry he could easily hurt Dib. But in the end Zim had worked steadily, swiftly and calmly through it all. It was a quick job; Irken medicine did wonders on humans. And Dib, now, was fully healed after only an hour of Zim working. They both looked terrible, so they went outside.
"Why are we out here?" Dib asked confused and a little suspicious.
"We are going to get clean. Now off with your shirt!" He commanded. Dib's shirt was torn, as well as his trench coat, so it was no problem to him to take off the wretched clothes. He was thankful he had no need to take off anything below the waist. Zim was glad to; he had no desire to see what was under there and frankly, he wouldn't have allowed him to even if he needed to.
Dib began to shiver, as Zim brought out a hose from his PAK and began to point it at Dib. "You can't be fixing to shoot me with water? It would be impossible for you to store it in your PAK; you'll burn from water!"
"It isn't water," Zim simply said and sprayed a sweet-smelling pink liquid at Dib.
Dib closed his eyes and mouth as he was sprayed. But soon the liquid got into both his eyes and mouth and it didn't burn; it actually felt good. He opened his eyes and was able to let the stuff in. Soon he was brave enough to open his mouth and what he tasted was like nothing on Earth. Fruity taste filled his mouth and went down his throat, but the fruit juice wasn't from Earth. I couldn't be! Soon the wash down was complete and Dib felt a little disappointed.
"What was it?"
"It was Moolare juice. From planet Moolare of course! It cleans better than water; really it is the best cleanser ever. Just look at you; you're not disgusting!" Dib looked himself over; in fact he was a lot cleaner and he smelled really good. "I have this stuff run through my PAK so it can clean me from the horrible germs!" A PAK leg slunk out of his PAK holding a piece of cloth and Zim grabbed it and Put so Moolare juice and proceeded to cleanse the blood spots from his body.
Dib noticed how he wasn't shivering anymore and how he was no longer wet. "Zim why do I feel all warm and why isn't there any Moolare juice on me?"
"It sunk into your skin and it is keeping you warm. It will do that for a few hours."
Now that they were both done they went back inside to get ready for bed. Dib slunk into his alien pajamas while Zim crept into his Irken ones. "Nice," Zim commented flatly on Dib's outfit.
Dib rolled his eyes, "Whatever at least I don't go around flaunting my species symbol on my clothes." Zim stuck his striped tongue out and Dib did the same.
Zim perked up his antennae as he noticed Gaz was awake and was closing in on them. He turned around to see Gaz standing tall above him, holding a DVD. She threw it to Dib and Dib squeaked with Joy.
"Yay! 'Paranoia' my favorite!" Dib went to the TV and started to play the film. "Come on guys, let's watch!" Dib was bringing his sleeping bag over in front of the TV and through the squeaking Gir was awoken.
"Yay! We is gunna watch a movie, Master?!" Gir asked Zim.
"Yes Gir. Retrieve your and my sleeping bag and put them in front of the TV."
"Yes Sir!" Gir saluted with a red glow. Then, back to blue, he skipped over to do what he was told.
Gaz went and retrieved her bag and set it in front of the TV. After all was settled they begun to watch the movie. Gir was on the far left hand side, next to Dib, who was in the middle nest to Zim. And Gaz was on the far right hand side nest to Zim.
Zim knew what this meant. Gaz would only pick this movie to get Dib to go to sleep which would make Gir go to sleep. And If Gaz wanted them asleep, then that meant she wants to talk.
It's only a matter of time before Dib and Gir fall asleep…
I didn't like writing this chapter and it's not because I was sick when I did it. It's because now I have to write a whole other chapter with the ZAGR moment. Should I add a ZAGR kiss or Almost kiss? o.o. Ill start up a poll.

First --> [link]
Nineth --> [link]
Eleven --> [link]
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