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Submitted on
May 5, 2010
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Dib walked straight to his room when he got home, to cover up all the cameras, hand cuffs and Alien hurting devices he had stored there. He didn't want to scare Zim away. Why? He still didn't know, he just figured Zim would leave if he saw the lasers, choking devices, many hand cuffs, plans to stop Zim's plans and spying equipment.
When he was done throwing the junk in his closet, under his bad, in his drawers and anywhere else the stuff could fit, he went down stairs to make him and Gaz afternoon snacks; he didn't want Zim to see him eat, considering Zim doesn't eat.

Zim entered his base, only to be crashed down by a flying Gir.
"MASTER!!! I MISSSSED YOU!!! Did you miss MEEE?!?!"
"Get off Gir!" Zim pushed the robot off. Gir just bounced off happily to the kitchen.
Zim walked over to the couched and sat, down. "Gir! Did My Tallest call while I was at skool today?"
"YES! Wait a minute…. NO!" the robot bounded in with a block of cheese and sat down by Zim. He pulled a cheese grader out of his head and started grading the cheese into his open mouth.
Zim shivered in disgust. "How can you eat that SLOP?" Zim spat. Gir was about to reply when Zim cut in. "Never mind. So did My Tallest call or not?"
"I don't know!" He jumped off the couch and started running in circles around the couch yelling "Cheesey, cheese, cheese!"
Zim ignored him for the moment and turned on the TV. The moment the Scary Monkey Show appeared Gir stopped suddenly and threw the cheese and Zim, sat down and said "I love this show!"
Zim dodged the cheese knowing he had control of Gir for the moment. "Ok Gir. If you want to watch TV then you are going to have to tell me if My Tallest called or not." Gir said nothing for the moment, so Zim clicked the off button.
"NOOOO!!!" Gir wailed and started running in a small circle in front of the TV, crying. Then he stopped and said. "Yep! They did! They said they had the Time Of Leaving and for you to call them back as soon as possible. Then they said they don't know when you will return, but this is the most important mission ever and you are the only one who can do it, SIR!" He saluted. He had gone into Duty mode some point in the speech.
"OK. Good Gir." He tossed the remote to Gir. Gir caught it mid-air and snapped back to the former idiot he is, and brainlessly watched his show.
Zim went to his toilet elevator and flushed himself down to a room filled with wires, and a large screen with a Irken keyboard. He dialed the Tallest number. After about a minute of waiting, Red and Purple appeared on the screen. They looked serious and aged. The whole mess has stressed them out, but not as much as it has Zim. He just didn't look as bad.
"Ah. Zim. Thank you for contacting us," Red said in a very serious voice.
Zim gave a bow, his antennae wiggling in salute. "It's a pleasure. Now I understand the Time Of Leaving is almost upon me," Zim makes the effort to speak better; for the mission.
"Yes. By what you have told us, the human skool you attend has a break; Summer vacation, is it not? And it is a time where skool children of your age leave the skool to frolic and what-not. This is true, yes?" Purple said in sophisticated, serious voice. He is trying really hard for the mission.
"Yes. I am not sure how long it lasts, but I do not think it matters. Once I leave my Invader Job is on hold."
Red, nor Purple, even dared to think of laughing at the dumbness of Zim. He still thinks his Invader Job is real. But it doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters is the mission to save them; to save the girls; the only ones who matter at the moment. They are more important than even the Tallest.
"OK. Zim, you do understand you are the only one who can do this mission, yes?" Red asked.
"And if you fail, you know your fate?"
"Yes. Death."
"OK. Goodbye Zim," Purple signs off.
"Goodbye my Tallest," He says to the blank screen, near tears.
A moment later he sits down on the floor and brings his knees to his chest. He snuggles his face in his knees and begins to sob. He violently shivers, sobbing aloud and letting the hot tears flow.
"Oh my Tallest! I hope they are OK!" He sobs.
He cries for a little longer. Then, when he thinks he won't cry much longer, he gets up off the floor, brushes the tears from his face and fixes his uniform. He goes up stairs and begins to ready for his visit to The Dib's house.
OK! I Finally gave up trying to put my pic as the preview and used the same pic as the first Chapter. If you wanna see my pic I drew feel free to check it out! ;) Please comment and tell me what you guys think! It is really important that anyone who read this fanfic does comment, because, if you don't I will think I am a horrible writer and drawer and never write anything ever again!
And if you do coment on my stuff then I will write faster and make more small fanfics. Also I am going to write epic fanfics of Invader Zim IF I get good reviews and comments. So if you seriously think this is good then you have seen nothing and you should tell me if it is good because it will help!
Thank you and please enjoy my fan fic.

First Chapter: [link]
Third Chapter:[link]
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Nedrian Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is it the tallest daughters or something?
Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Read and find out (;
DarbyLucy Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like your fics so far! :D The only thing I'm confused about is this important mission the Tallest are sending Zim on. Are the "girls" female Irkens? And why is it so important to save them?
Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
That is part of the mysterious story-line my friend (; something that must be unconvered later
DarbyLucy Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hurr hurr....
DarbyLucy Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
What's up with the female Irkens?
That's the only part I'm confused about.
Otherwise I LOVE IT!
Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Female Irkens in general or the specific ones Zim is worried about in my story?
Uhh, the specific ones.
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