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October 8, 2011
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Dib has gone out with Gretchen every day since the first date. He has been happy and carefree since Gretchen came around. Gaz has also undergone some change. She smiles more, and has stop obsessing over her Game Slave. She's happier, but is always worried about Zim. Dib still writes to Zim, but only at night and he gives the letters to Gir to bring to Zim's house.
Dib and Gretchen have been considered a couple since the first date as well and she seemed to make Dib very happy. She had made it clear to Dib that she dislikes Zim very much, but Dib has stopped trying to talk to her about him. Dib always had this weird feeling about her though, sense the very beginning.
Skool was only two days away and Dib wasn't looking forward to it. Sure the teasing, scolding and death threats have stopped, but the thought of going to skool without Zim scared Dib nearly to death.
Dib decided to take a risk and talk to Gretchen about his fear, so he called her up and invited her out to the park. He goes out without letting Gaz know where he is going and heads over to the park. He sees his girlfriend sitting on the normal bench with a small device in her hand. He walks over to her quietly; his mind set on discovering what she held.
He hides behind a bush silently and waits to see what she does. She sees her looking at the small picture frame in her hands, looking at it sadly, almost as if she couldn't tell what else went on. He could see her sparkling eyes as they moisten and begin to leak tears. He then begins to move out of the bushes and walk around behind her. He stands a few feet away and waits, looking at her.
She begins to shake slightly and she drops her framed picture on the bench place beside her. Dib looked at it and saw a few strange, obviously alien creatures standing in a pose together. Dib put a hand over his mouth to keep from yelling and he began to hear his girlfriend's whimpers. Then he noticed that her voice was slightly different.
"Gretchy?" he called to her, looking away from the picture and acting like it wasn't there.
She instantly tensed up and grabbed her picture, hiding it in her bag. She turns around and tries to smile at Dib, but her sadness shows through. Dib walks up and sits where the picture once sat and took her hands in his. "What's wrong?" he asks sincerely, looking into her eyes. They sparkled and the red-ish purple glowed within them. Her usually large overbite was reduced over the summer to a more normal look and her sniffles had changed to normal cries instead of the geek-ish hiccups.
She attempts another smile, and looks back at him. "Nothing Dibbeh. I've just missed my old home, is all," she sounds sweetly. Dib tries to hide his surprise.
He then notices that her braces where taken off and uses that as the excuse for his surprise. "Why, my dear, your braces have been taken away! My, your teeth are lovely," he smiles knowing that he learned his charm through Zim.
Gretchen blushes and leaves a peck on Dibs cheek. "Yes, I had them taken off last night. You like?"
Dib gives his occasional rape face and smiles dumbly. "Yes, I like." His smile soon slips away and his more serious face comes on. "I'm worried," Dib admits and let's go of her hands.
"About what?" Gretchen looks worried, leaning in closer to Dib.
"I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm worried Zim might not come back. I'm not sure where he went, but I really miss him and what will happen to me when skool starts again and he's not here," he rushes and his eyes water. "I know you don't like him, and I don't know why. And I know you won't tell me because you never have every time I ask. But he is still my best friend; even though he hates me and left. And I really miss him," a tear rolls down his cheek and despite the hatred Gretchen has for Zim her heart softens to Dibs despair.
"Dib, I can't tell you why I hate him, but it's a good reason. And I'm sorry for this, but if he doesn't come back, I will always be here for you," she smiles warmly at him and he smiles back through the tears.
"Thank you," he whispers leaning in and planting a small, gentle kiss on Gretchen's lips. The way his lips barely brushed hers, sent shivers of pleasure through her. She blushes and smiles once more. "How about we go for ice cream?"  Dib suggests, wiping his tears from his eyes. Gretchen nods and they get up walking to the ice cream shop that lies just a few blocks away.

"GAZZZYYY????" Gir squeaks smiling widely. "Guess what!!" his high pitched squeal doesn't hurt her ears as much anymore.
"You want a piece of bacon?" Gaz smiles, putting down her book of death.
Gir thinks hard for a minute. "Yeah!!" he giggles. "BUT BESIDES THAT!!!" Gir runs around in his little green dog costume that Gaz has personally sewn to make more realistic. He runs in circles around the couch wear Gaz sits, and then jumps up into her lap, smiling like a lunatic.
"Ok! I give up!" she stifles a laugh, giving a small tap on Gir's little, black, button nose.
"Zim's coming back!" Gir trembles with excitement and his little, black tail wiggles.
Gaz sits for a moment with her mouth open in shock. Her book falls to the ground out of her hand and her lips lift up into a smile, and her eyes water up with tears of joy.  She's to shocked to speak just yet.
"Gazzums?? Isn't that a good thing?" Gir looks hurt and waits for her reply.
Gaz quickly smiles at him and laughs, "Of course it is! Do you know when he'll be here?"  
He thinks hard for a minute. "I was just at the base!! He said…. Ummmm…… That he'll be here the day after school starts! Yeah! That's it!!" Gir looks proud and smiles with his tongue out.  "Wanna go and talk to him??" Gir asks.
Gaz smiles and nods. "Lemme go do something first and we'll go," she tells him and gets up leaving her book on the floor and takes to steps at a time up the stairs.  She grabs her new cell phone from her dresser and throws on her shoes. She takes a look in the mirror and applies black eye liner and mascara for good measure. She sees the necklaces she's wearing. The one her mom got for her when she was only 7, before she died, and now the fairly new one Zim left for her.
The small black Irken symbol hangs from a black and purple intertwined chain made from another planet. She smiled touching is gently and thought of Zim. She can't wait to talk to him…
One more chapter after this and then the new book will begin :) <3
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Also nice story~ I like it so far.
Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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leesydreamy Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
way, you updated. Awesome story. I love both couples, ZAGR and DibxGretchen,. I hope Dib can makes things right with Zim.
Emogirl88 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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I know the feeling, I'll be sure to start and hoepfully finish the next chapter today, and if time and my attention span permits, i can begin and maybe finish the first chapter of the next book :)
Evertoseer Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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